The Fluent Fools Podcast (Coming Soon!)

“One who learns language without learning culture ends up becoming a fluent fool.”

Fluent Fools Podcast

Hey, everyone!

I’m currently in the middle of recording season one of The Fluent Fools podcast.

The show is about the many sides of being Korean (whether you’re living in the Peninsula, part of the global Korean diaspora, or even if you’re neither and learning Korean. We’ll try to fill in the gaps in the cultural understanding of our heritage.

We’re going to explore the language, society, culture, history, and current events happening in the Land of the Morning Calm and around the world.

We will also discuss topics relevant to the global Korean diaspora such as interracial relationships, Korean businesses, socio-cultural linguistics, pop culture, and differing opinions on cultural appropriation.

Join me on my quest to go from fluent fool to fluent Korean.