[Proverb] 파김치가 되었다 – One Has Become Green Onion Kimchi ?

파김치가 되었다

[pa’gim’chi’ga doe’ot’da]

What does this proverb mean?

This proverb literally means “one has become green onion kimchi.” Figuratively, it means one is so tired that they are lying down languidly and listlessly.

Consists of the following:

  1. 파: (noun) green onion
  2. 김치: (noun) kimchi
  3. 가: (particle) adds emphasis and refers to the subject that is to be changed
  4. 되다: (regular verb) to become; 되었다 is the declarative past (formal/low deference) form; (되었다 = 됐다)

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