[Quiz] Korean Culture and History #1 ✍?

Test your knowledge of Korean culture and history!

In which Korean dynasty was (Neo-) Confucianism the dominant social and political ideology?
Which of these were NOT a social class during the Joseon Dynasty?
Extant until 1392, this flag features a phoenix. This was the royal flag of which dynasty?    
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
In Korea's founding myth, the Legend of Dangun, which two animals pray to the Heavenly Prince Hwanung (환웅) to help them become human?
"The Story of ___" is one of the most important pieces of Korean literature and is often considered the first novel written entirely in Hangeul. It's about the brilliant but illegitimate son of a nobleman and a low-born maid who leaves home to become a bandit that steals from rich and corrupt officials. Who is this story about?

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