[Proverb] 콩 심은 데 콩나고 팥 심은 데 팥난다 – Soybeans Grow Where They Are Planted, Red Beans Grow Where They Are Planted ?

콩 심은 데 콩나고
팥 심은 데 팥난다

[kong shim’eun de kong’na’go pat shim’eun de pat’nan’da]

What does this proverb mean?

Consists of the following:

  1. 콩: (noun) soybean
  2. 심다: (regular verb) to plant, to sow
  3. 데: (noun) a place, a point, a spot
  4. 나다: (regular verb) to spring up, to emerge, to come into the world, to appear, to be born; 나고 is the connective “and” form; 난다 is the present declarative (formal/low deference) form
  5. 팥: (noun) red bean

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