[Proverb] 업은 아이 삼년 찾는다 – To Look for a Baby for Three Years Not Realizing They’ve Been Carrying the Baby on Their Back the Whole Time ?

업은 아이 삼년 찾는다

[eob’eun a’i sam’nyeon chan’neun’da]

Today in oddly specific Korean proverbs, “업은 아이 삼년 찾는다” to remind you that perhaps what you’ve been searching for whether it’s your car keys or something more intangible like happiness have been with you, near you, or within you the whole time.

Consists of the following:

  1. 업다: (regular verb) to carry someone or something on one’s back; 업은 is the adjective form
  2. 아이: (noun) baby, child
  3. 삼(三): (number) three
  4. 년(年): (noun) year
  5. 찾다: (regular verb) to search, to look for; 찾는다 is the present declarative (formal/low deference) form

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